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Photos: 120 Gallon Saltwater Fish Only Aquarium Upgrade with Artificial Corals

Realistic looking 120 Gallon saltwater fish only aquarium upgrade with artificial corals. Easy to set up, clean and maintain. No special reef tank equipment needed.
BEFORE: It was a 120 Gallon Saltwater Fish Only Aquarium with Approx. 100 lb. Live Rock. The tank looked empty.
Prepared 2 large size artificial corals provided by Instant Reef Aquarium Decorations.
Installing first reef into the tank.
Re-arrange live rock behind artificial reefs. It is recommended to keep existing live rock for beneficial bio-filtration.
After: Re-decorating results in 10 minutes! Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Looks very realistic!
The new tank has starfish, hermit crabs and sally lightfoot crabs.
120 Gallon Saltwater Fish Only Aquarium upgrade with Artificial Corals
Many marine fish: Flame Angelfish, Blue Hippo tang, Yellow Tang, etc.
Live Rock is placed behind fake corals.
Created a lot of caves, swim-through and hiding places for fish.
Regal Angelfish and Blue Tang.
Many hiding places for fish to build their territories.
Red chocolate chip starfish
 120 Gallon Saltwater Fish Only Aquarium with Artificial Corals