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Build your dream aquarium at saltwater fish-only tank cost

Build your dream aquarium with saltwater fish has never been easier! Using Instant Reef Aquarium Decorations, Artificial Corals, a saltwater fish-only tank is easy to set up, clean and maintain. No special equipment or lighting needed.
True Story #1: Upgrade 8-Foot Artificial Coral Reef Tank with Salt Water Fish (Before and After, 5 photos)
True Story #2: 120 Gallon Saltwater Fish Only Aquarium Upgrade with Artificial Corals (Before and After, 20+ photos)
True Story #3: 90 Gallon Marine Fish Tank Upgrade with Fake Corals (Before and After, 3 photos)
Why should you consider to setup a saltwater fish-only tank with artificial corals by Instant Reef?
Huge coral reef tank with Instant Reef artificial corals
Artificial corals are easy to set up, clean and maintain. Without worrying about delicate corals.
Made of High Quality Resin. Colors are all the way through to prevent fading. Non-Toxic Material is safe to all marine fish and invertebrates.
Many Caves and Hideouts for fish to swim through. Porous and Rough surface for beneficial bacteria to grow on. With time, fake corals become Artificial Live Rocks to provide biological filtration.All fishes are "Reef Safe". Enjoy All the Salt Water Fish you like!
Build your dream aquarium with saltwater fish