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How to Install & Complete Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

How to Install & Complete Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

IMPORTANT! Rinse thoroughly Before Installing!

1) Rinse Artificial Reef thoroughly to remove all packing debris. (i.e. use garden hose, light pressured water)

2) Soak Artificial Reef in freshwater for TWO Hours.


IMPORTANT! Understand “Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle”!

Fish, Especially Saltwater Fish, are Very Delicate. To Avoid the Loss of Fish, search the web for “Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle” & “New Tank Syndrome”


1) For NEW TANK,

DO NOT Add Fish in Large Quantities. Use STARTER FISH or FISHLESS Cycling method.

Cloudy water is Normal and is called “Bacterial Bloom”. Nitrogen Cycle takes 6~8 weeks to complete, so be patient.



DO NOT remove existing live rock and/or old decor at once, they are important Bio-Filters and Hiding Places for Territorial Fish.

Replace only 1/3 of the old decor per week. Always avoid sudden changes of environment for delicate fish.

Allow 24-hour intervals if installing more than one Artificial Reefs.

It is recommended to use fake corals with live rock.