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The World's Most Realistic Looking Artificial Corals for Fish Aquariums

Have you ever dreamed of a Beautiful and Relaxing Coral Reef Tank?

Do you like to SAVE Hundreds of Dollars from purchasing fancy equipment like intense lighting? protein skimmer? calcium reactor? sump and strong pumps?

Do you like to SAVE Hours of your valuable time from carrying out water changes? testing water chemistry levels? target feeding both fish and live corals?

Do you like to enjoy All the saltwater or freshwater fish without worrying about whether they are reef-safe or coral picking? beautiful or oddballs? peaceful or predators?

Instant Reef® (by Archer USA) provides the most Realistic Looking Artificial Corals for Aquariums. Easy to set up, clean and maintain. No special Reef Tank equipment or intense lighting is required. For both freshwater and saltwater fish aquariums.

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