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Instant Reef Aquarium Decor, Artificial Coral Reef & Fake Corals

Instant Reef Aquarium Decor, Artificial Coral Reef & Fake Corals

Save More on Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decor Packages *restrictions apply

Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decorations are often used in public aquariums and large commercial saltwater fish-only tanks. Instant Reef makes the Artificial Coral Reef aquarium decor for home aquariums as well!  

Available for both marine and freshwater fish aquariums, Instant Reef fake corals are realistic looking packed with gorgeous life-like corals.


With "INSTANT REEF" Artificial Coral Reef aquarium decorations, both Saltwater Fish-only with live rock tanks and African Cichlid Freshwater Fish Reef Aquariums are easy to setup, clean and maintain, without the worries of Special Reef Aquarium Equipment, Intense reef tank Lighting, Special Coral Feeding techniques, or Marine Water Supplements!


There are no restrictions for “Reef Safe” fish, enjoy ALL the marine fish, coral reef and freshwater fish you like, Including: Large Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, Trigger Fish, Lionfish, Tangs or Surgeon Fish, Wrasses, Foxface Rabbit fish, African Cichlids, even Sharks!


"INSTANT REEF" Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decorations are hand-made artworks by experienced artists; the Artificial Coral Reefs are replicas of live corals collected worldwide, making their appearance nicer, realistic, and brighter in color.  


Made of High Quality RESIN, INSTANT REEF does not have Plastic or Rubber parts; the Non-Toxic Material does not change water chemistry and is safe to ALL Saltwater Fish and Invertebrates, including seahorses, sea anemones, Crabs, Starfish, Hermit Crabs and Snails.  


"INSTANT REEF" Artificial Coral Reef aquarium decor, fake corals provide Many Caves, swim-through holes and hiding places, fish can easily build their territories, making them feel safe. Some of the most delicate fish like the Regal Angelfish enjoys its new home.

Instant Reef, The World’s finest artificial coral reef tank decors at unbeatable prices!  


Realistic Looking, Easy to maintain, No restrictions for “Reef Safe” fish, and most importantly reducing live coral and live rock removal from the ocean.  


Happy Fish Keeping, from “Instant Reef” Aquarium Decorations!
INSTANT REEF® Coral artificial decoración de acuario para acuario marino, acuarios de peces agua salada y acuarios de peces agua dulce, arrecife de coral, acuario de arrecife, peces de agua salada, peces de acuario marina, roca viva artificial y coral artificial para pescados solamente con la roca viva ( FOWLR ), fácil mantenimiento, realista

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