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R038S Large Stackable

R038S Large Reef Aquarium Decoration for Saltwater Fish Tanks
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Item #: R038S
Condition: New
Note: Photo is for Reference Only. Actual Decor Varies.
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INSTANT REEF® R038S Large Reef Aquarium Decoration for Saltwater Fish Tanks

  • Stackable Design, Realistic Looking INSTANT REEF® R038S Large Reef Aquarium Decoration for Saltwater Fish Tanks. Packed with gorgeous life-like corals.
  • Get “Coral Reef Aquarium” enjoyment at “Saltwater Fish Only with Live Rock Tank” costs. No special lights or other equipment needed.
  • Easy to set up and maintain. Without worrying about delicate corals.
  • Not Limited to “Reef Safe” fish. Enjoy All the Large Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Lionfish, Tangs, Triggers and more.
  • Made of High Quality Resin. Colors are all the way through. Non-Toxic Material is safe to all marine fish and invertebrates.
  • Dimensions: 23"L x 9"W x 20"H. Weight: 21 lbs. *All specifications are approximate.

Product Reviews

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David Gruver (California) 11/15/2017 3:43 PM
The reef came intact with no breakage. It is like the picture. The only thing that I thought would make the reef better, is about an inch of the tips of the yellow corals are white. It kind of makes the yellow corals look like they are starting to die. I bought the reef for color, and I think the more color the better. However, I do think the price was worth it. I have a freshwater aquarium, but wanted the color. My friends ask me if the tank is saltwater. Now they will just assume it is. Just remember to check the top of your tank, as my tank has a wide piece of glass that is in the middle of it to hold the tank together. If the reef didn't come in two pieces, I wouldn't have been able to get the reef in the tank. It looks great, and if I had a saltwater Aq, I would order more small pieces.
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