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Large 100 Gallon Marine Fish Aquarium with Live Rock & Fake Coral Reef

Marine Fish Aquarium with Live Rock, Fake Coral Reef
The customer quotes: "I purchase instant reef aquarium decor from your company less than 2 weeks ago for my marine fish only tank, when I received the boxes I opened them up and was less than impressed until I put them into my tank everyone that has seen the tank can't believe they are not real. You've got my business. Attached are copies of the before during and after please feel free to use then at your discretion."
Marine Fish Aquarium with Live Rock, Fake Coral Reef
Large 100 gallon marine fish only with live rock aquarium, with fake coral reef.
Marine Fish Aquarium, Saltwater fish aquarium
The marine fish tank is during the aquarium nitrogen cycling process.
Large Marine Fish Aquarium 100 Gallon, Saltwater Fish Only with Artificial Live Rock Tank, Marine Fish Only with Fake Coral Reef Aquarium decoration inserts by Instant Reef, No limit to "Reef Safe" Marine Fish.

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