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Aquarium Decoration #J005 Artificial Live Rock, Fake Live Rock

Artificial Live Rock with coralline algae #J005, Fake Live Rock
Price: $37.00
Sale Price: $33.30
You Save: $3.70 (10 %)
Realistic, Easy to Maintain, No Reef Equipment Needed!
Item #: XR-J005 Medium Live Rock
Condition: New
Note: Photo is for Reference Only. Actual Decor Varies.

Artificial Live Rock with coralline algae #J005, Fake Live Rock

10"L x 9"W x 7"H
Artificial Live Rock is very realistic, made of High Quality Resin, Light Weight, Hollow Inside, Many Caves. For Marine Fish Aquarium, Saltwater Fish-Only Aquarium, Reducing Live Rock being REMOVED from the Ocean!
Fake Live Rock covered with Artificial Pink and Purple Coralline Algae, Purple coralline algae. Artificial Live Rock #J005

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