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Instant Reef Aquarium Decor - Professional Review on Aquarium Fish Magazine (November 2010 Issue), by David A. Lass

What do Professionals say about Instant Reef® Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decor?
"It's hard to tell actual live rock from the Instant Reef coral reef insert. The real stuff is on the left and the high-quality resin insert is on the right."
Aquarium Fish Magazine Review on Instant Reef Aquarium Decor

Text Version (Aquarium Fish International Magazine, page 118, Author: David A. Lass):
Manufacturer: Archer USA
Product: Instant Reef Coral Reef Insert
The Instant Reef Coral Reef Insert is a very realistic artificial coral reef that is safe for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums. It is especially good for fish only with live rock (FOWLR) aquariums. It is manufactured in many different sizes and coral simulations. In addition, the company can also manufacture special designs and sizes on a completely customized basis.
Archer USA claims that the Instant Reef coral reef insert, which is manufactured from high-quality resin, is safe for all aquarium situations. They say that the product looks realistic and that it is accepted immediately by all fish as if it were a natural part of their environment.
In order to test the Instant Reef coral reef insert, I set up a new 50-gallon marine tank. I used some substrate from an established tank, some old and some new live rock, and a large Instant Reef coral reef insert that filled more than half of the 50-gallon tank. The Instant Reef coral reef insert was on the right side of the tank, and all of the live rock on the left.
I also treated the new tank with a live bacteria starter to get the nitrogen cycle going and ran a 36-inch T5 fluorescent lighting fixture for 10 hours a day. For the fish, I used the false percula clowns and the orchid dottyback that have been the inhabitants of a number of tests I have done on marine products for this column.
For filtration, all I ran were two protein skimmers. One was a small skimmer that I am also testing in a number of applications for a future column. I also had a propeller pump set up to provide constant good water flow in the tank.
I ran the tank for a six-week period, and other than the normal minor battle with algae that everyone has on any newly established marine tank, the tank ran beautifully. The fish actually took to the Instant Reef coral reef insert immediately, and they actually seemed to prefer it to the pile of natural live rock. The Instant Reef coral reef insert is designed and produced with great care and craft, and there are many places for fish to hide and swim in and out of. The colors look natural, and the complete Instant Reef coral reef insert is bright and vibrant without being at all gaudy.
My experience with the Instant Reef coral reef insert was excellent. The product did everything that the manufacturer claimed, and it is very attractive and functional part of the decor of a FOWLR aquarium.
Also, as the Instant Reef coral reef insert folks point out on their website (, there are some serious problems with corals being removed from the wild. The Instant Reef coral reef insert allows the marine hobbyist to have the look and feel of a live reef without taking anything from the wild without having to worry about keeping delicate corals alive and well.
Instant Reef Aquarium Decor for Marine fish tank.

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