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Aquarium Decoration #R065 Double-Sided, Small

Double-Sided Coral Reef Aquarium Decor R065 for Marine Fish Tanks (marine tanks)
Double-Sided Coral Reef Aquarium Decor R065 for Marine Fish Tanks (marine tanks)
Price: $191.00
Sale Price: $171.90
You Save: $19.10 (10 %)
Realistic, Easy to Maintain, No Reef Equipment Needed!
Item #: XR-R065 Small Double-Side
Condition: New
Note: Photo is for Reference Only. Actual Decor Varies.

Double-Sided Coral Reef Aquarium Decor R065 for Marine Fish Tanks (marine tanks) 

Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decoration Model# R065 (Double-Sided View)   Dimensions: 18"L x 8"W x 14"H   Weight:  8 lbs

Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decorations for Marine Fish Aquarium, Saltwater Fish Only with Live Rock Tank (FOWLR), Artificial Fake Coral Reef Aquarium Decorations for Freshwater Fish Aquarium

Realistic Looking Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decorations for Marine Fish Aquarium, Saltwater Fish Only with Live Rock Aquarium and Freshwater Fish Tank, Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decorations have Many Caves and Hideouts for Fish to swim through. Not Limited to Reef Safe Fish anymore.

  • Artificial coral reef aquarium decor packed with GORGEOUS life-like fake corals, artificial live rock covered with purple, pink and red coralline algae. Realistic Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decorations, Fake Corals.
  • All Saltwater Fish / Marine Fish are “Reef Safe” to Artificial Coral / Fake Coral Reef Aquarium Decorations. Enjoy All the Saltwater Fish / Marine fish you want! Large Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Lionfish,Tang / Surgeon Fish, Trigger Fish, Wrasses, Foxface / Rabbitfish, Even Sharks! FOWLR Fish Tanks is Perfect for people who like beautiful marine tanks without worrying about delicate corals in a coral reef aquarium setup.
  • Live rock can be placed behind artificial coral reef aquarium decorations or in sump / refugium for biological filtration. Artificial coral reef aquarium decor also have Porous / Rough surfaces for beneficial bacteria to grow on, soon become artificial live rock and provide both biological filtration and hiding places for all saltwater fish / marine fish or freshwater fish.
  • Many freshwater fish are as beautiful as saltwater fish / marine fish. Upgrade to a “Freshwater Fish Coral Reef Aquarium” get the look of the ocean but keep your freshwater fish. Freshwater Coral Reef Aquariums with Instant Reef Aquarium Decorations are much easier to maintain and very affordable.

Made of High Quality RESIN, No Plastic or Rubber Parts, Non-Toxic Material, Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decorations are safe to all saltwater fish / marine fish and freshwater fish.

  • Instant Reef artificial coral / fake coral reef aquarium decorations are safe for all saltwater fish / marine fish, invertebrates and freshwater fish, it does not release toxins into the water or change the water chemistry.

Get “Coral Reef Aquarium” enjoyment at “Saltwater Fish Only with Live Rock Tank” costs. Easy to Maintain, No special coral reef aquarium equipment needed. Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decorations DO NOT require:

  • Special coral reef aquarium lighting equipment! Live corals require INTENSE lighting and could provide unwanted excess heat and high energy bills.
  • Special coral feeding, Frequent water testing on proper calcium, alkalinity and magnesium levels, or the need for marine aquarium and saltwater supplements.
  • Special coral reef tank equipment like calcium reactor, wave maker, chiller, ozonizer, wet / dry filter, reef-ready aquarium or sump filter.

Artificial Coral Reef Aquariums are Easy to Setup, Clean and Maintain.

  • Cleaning algae off Instant Reef artificial coral / fake coral reef aquarium decoration is easy, simply use a soft brush and water to clean. Save time and effort.
  • Suggestion: Marine snails can keep artificial coral reef aquarium decorations free of algae. Astrea Snails, Margarita Snails are good candidates.
Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decoration is also known as: Fake Coral, Artificial Coral, Artificial Coral Reef, Aquarium Decoration, Aquarium Decor, Aquarium Ornament.
Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decor is widely used in Public Aquariums, Commercial Leased Aquariums, Home Reef Ready AquariumsMarine Fish Tanks and Freshwater Fish tanks.
Custom Fake Coral Reefs are available for Aquarium Contractors, Pet stores, Fish Aquarium Tank Builders, Commerical Aquarium Leasing, Aquarium Maintenance Businesses.
INSTANT REEF® Coral artificial decoración de acuario para acuario marino, acuario de agua salada y agua dulce, arrecife de coral, acuario de arrecife, peces de agua salada, peces de acuario marino, roca viva artificial y coral artificial para pescados solamente con la roca viva ( FOWLR ), fácil mantenimiento

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artifical coral review
richard silva (CT.) 1/9/2015 7:50 PM
this is one of three pieces I purchased I thought the price for shipping was a little high but the pieces did come on time and unbroken so I would have to say it was worth it the pieces look great and I would definitely purchase more in the future

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