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Instant Reef® Aquarium decoration for Saltwater Fish & Freshwater Aquarium

Instant Reef® Aquarium decoration for Saltwater Fish & Freshwater Aquarium

Instant Reef Aquarium Decor is a division of Archer Company USA Inc. We are specialized in manufacturing artificial coral reef aquarium decoration for saltwater fish, marine fish tanks, coral reef aquariums, freshwater aquarium, fake corals for commercial and home aquarium projects.

Instant Reef Aquarium Decor produces some of the largest and finest reproductions of artificial coral on the market today. Our coral reef reproductions were made from real coral specimens that were collected by international aquariums from various locations around the world. Special care and specially granted permits were used at that time to collect these gorgeous corals. The replicas that have been made from the molds taken from these corals have been used for supplying aquariums around the world for decades helping to prevent untold damage to natural coral reefs which might have otherwise been ravaged for the coral specimens.

Instant Reef Aquarium Decoration is now making these fake corals available to the public in the form of beautifully arranged artificial coral reef aquarium decors. Made from the highest grades of materials, the fake coral reef inserts are hand-crafted by talented artists who take great pride in creating wonders of nature.

We can make any sizes of artificial coral reef aquarium decor for any aquariums. No matter you are saltwater fish coral reef aquarium hobbyists, aquarium supply store owners, saltwater reef aquarium leasing businesses or contracting public aquarium projects, Instant Reef Aquarium Decoration can always provide you the best quality artificial coral reef aquarium inserts at competitive prices.

Instant Reef® by Archer Company USA Inc

Reef Aquarium Artificial Coral Inserts Decoration for Saltwater Fish and Tropical Freshwater Fish Tank

INSTANT REEF® Coral artificial decoración de acuario para acuario marino, acuario de agua salada y agua dulce, arrecife de coral, acuario de arrecife, peces de agua salada, peces de acuario marino, roca viva artificial y coral artificial para pescados solamente con la roca viva ( FOWLR ), fácil mantenimiento

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